Vinu is an Information Technology professional who enjoys blogging about personal finance, technology, and minimalism.

Lakshmi is a Mental Health professional who loves music, blogging, and traveling.

We are both second-generation Indian immigrants to the United States. You could say we both have dual identities growing up in India and spending our adult lives in the United States.

We started this blog to monitor our progression towards financial freedom. By jotting down our expenses and keeping track of our monthly spending, we will be less likely to spend our money frivolously. Drifters Thrift blog keeps us grounded if you will, on our journey to achieve financial freedom.

What Does Drifters Thrift Mean?

We are promoters of the F.I.R.E movement (Financial Independence, Retire Early) One day, and we hope to break free from being a slave to the system and enjoy more things we love without worrying about finances.

Our blog name, Drifters Thrift, came from our idea of being able to drift and travel the world while living a minimal lifestyle. We both don’t enjoy being tied to just one place when the world is our playground. 

A stream of passive income is a massive part of making our dream happen. We hope that one day, through the income from our online ventures as well as investments, we will be able to make our dream into a reality.

We both enjoy blogging because it gives us one more purpose in life. Coming from diverse backgrounds, we have both experienced many aspects of life, and we believe we have a wealth of information to share with the world.

How Can Our Blog Benefit You?

We are transparent about sharing our life with our readers. Hopefully, our audience can benefit from our success stories as well as failures.

We will be discussing the following topics on

  • Dividend Investing, Retirement Investing (Index Funds, ETF’s, 401K’s, Roth IRA’s, Traditional IRA’s, Etc.) 
  • Making Money, Saving Money & Living a Frugal Lifestyle
  • Product/Service Recommendations – Our honest review of the products and services that we have used.
  • Immigration, Travel Hacking, Deals, Credit Card Rewards

We will be posting our month to month spending breakdown as well as investment progress toward our goals. If you can subscribe to our blog and follow us along, we can motivate each other to reach our goals faster. 

Drifters Thrift Blog Goals

We hope to find and unite like-minded people through this blog or anyone who is curious about financial independence and living a thrifty lifestyle.

We hope to track and monitor our financial progress through this blog & encourage others to do the same.

To share our knowledge regarding a variety of topics while learning from others as well.

We are big fans of the 4% rule and Multiply by 25 rule – We hope to utilize these rules in our goal of reaching financial freedom.

You can follow us on our Facebook Page @ Drifters Thrift.

We also have a Facebook group started for people who are thrifty and follow the F.I.R.E movement. You can find our group on FaceBook @ Thrifty Lifestyle, Investing & F.I.R.E Movement.

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